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Facebook introduced interactable hashtags in 2013. This was seen as a move to introduce the ability to connect through hashtags, similar to the use of hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

Although the feature was introduced, it was never fully embraced by users in the same way it has been on the other social networking sites.  There was never a real attempt by Facebook to encourage users to use the feature.


A simple no. Hashtags have been shown to reduce interactions across Facebook. This negative effect is intensified when some pages decide to use multiple hashtags in the middle of text, making their status incoherent. When it comes to communicating effeictively and connecting on Facebook, hashtags are certainly not of benifit.

Further proof of this can be seen by Facebook themselves, they don’t include hashtags in their official Facebook page posts. If Facebook are not investing in it or using it themselves, then it is probably worth leaving the hashtags to Twitter and Instagram.

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