Why You Should Block Fake Instagram Followers

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When you are trying to build an audience for your Instagram, either personal or a business account, you are going to encounter followers with accounts that seem less than legitimate.

There are often ways to identify what are often referred to as fake accounts. One sign is a high post to follower ratio. If an account has a low number of images shared but thousands of followers, this is often an indication of a fake account. A quick google search will provide a lot of information on how to identify these accounts.


Instagram has made a number of changes over the years that pushes more popular content from accounts you follow to the top of your timeline. The algorigthm can estimate accounts and posts you are more likely to engage with. However, if your account is being followed by even a few fake accounts that don’t engage with your pictures and videos, this can make Instagram your content as having a low engagement rate.

By blocking fake Instagram accounts you are ensuring that your content is viewed by real followers who are likely to engage. This improves your account standing overall and also helps battle with the ever evolving algortithms on Instagram.

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